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June 13, 2018
Contact: Susan Linn, 617-506-6041 ext. 100, @email

Epilepsy Foundation New England Announces Endowment Fund

BOSTON - Epilepsy Foundation New England (Epilepsy Foundation NE) announced today that it has established an endowment as part of its mission of supporting people in New England to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives. The Endowment is being managed by Vanguard.

The establishment of an endowment fund will enable Epilepsy Foundation New England to invest and grow contributions from donors in perpetuity.  Through the endowment, Epilepsy Foundation New England will be able to look beyond immediate funding needs and ensure that programs, interventions, and financial aid will be available to future generations. The endowment fund increases the sustainability of its programs and ensures long-term stability for Epilepsy Foundation New England.

Susan Linn, President and CEO of Epilepsy Foundation New England, commented, “Our affiliate has been serving those with epilepsy in New England for over 35 years. Establishing the endowment will strengthen and sustain our ability to serve and support thousands of New Englanders and helps us expand Epilepsy Foundation New England’s outreach and service over time.”

“Sustainability is of the utmost concern, especially when serving constituents with chronic diagnoses, like epilepsy”, remarked Jim Boudrot, Board Chair. “It is our primary goal to ensure that those we serve have access to our extensive support network continuously and indefinitely. This endowment fund solidifies Epilepsy Foundation New England’s presence in the future and our capability to fulfill our mission.”

If you would like to make a secure online contribution to the Epilepsy Foundation New England Endowment Fund, please visit here. The Fund can also accept gifts including cash and bequests.