Epilepsy Community Groups

Building a Community of Hope

Group connections have been shown to be a powerful force in helping people with epilepsy and caregivers. Our SHARE (Support, Hope, Advocacy, Resources, Educate) groups offer an excellent opportunity to connect, share, and learn.

Epilepsy Foundation New England has an ever-evolving series of groups for those of all ages and capabilities. Due to recent circumstances, all of our groups have gone virtual. By doing so, we have been able to increase the number of unique groups offered to over 35 a month. Whether you are looking to learn, find a support group, or be social and hang out with others, there is something for you.

Active Groups

Adult Social Hour

Every Tues or Thurs | 1 PM

Adults living with epilepsy meet to socialize and engage with one another.

25 - 35 Group

Every-other Tue | 7 PM

A group for adults living with epilepsy in the 25 - 35 age range.

All Together Now

Every-other Sun | 11 AM

For people of all ages and abilities. Enjoy fun activities for everyone.

Cub Club

Every-other Sat | 11 AM

Pre-school and early elementary children come together and get to know others in similar situations.

Kids Connect

Every-other Wed | 7 PM

Middle school-aged kids meet others with epilepsy, get to know each
other and have time to be a kid!

Maine Group

Monthly (last Mon) | 7 PM

Shared experiences about the highs and lows of epilepsy and seizures.  Education and experts are available on topics requested by members.

Men's Group

Every-other Mon | 7 PM

For adult men living with epilepsy.


Monthly - 2nd Thurs | 7 PM

Open forum for adults to discuss obstacles,
issues related to epilepsy, and meet others on
similar journeys.


Varies by interest

Developed to improve self-management and related health outcomes in adults with epilepsy.

Parent Group

Every-other Mon | 7 PM

A group for parents of children living with epilepsy.

Parents of Non-epileptic Seizures Group

Mon | 7 PM

Parents of anybody affected by non-epileptic seizures anywhere on their journey.

Rhode Island Group

Monthly - 4th Wed | 7 PM

A group for adults living with epilepsy in Rhode Island.

Sibling Group - Elementary

Monthly (Thurs) | 4 PM

A group for elementary-aged children who have a sibling living with epilepsy

Sibling Group - Middle/High School

Monthly (Thurs) | 7 PM

A group for middle/high school-aged children who have a sibling living with epilepsy

Sibling Group - Adults

Monthly (Thurs) | 7 PM

A group for adults who have a sibling living with epilepsy

Young Leaders Network

Every-other Wed | 7 PM

For high school/early years of college, aimed to help build skills in managing/taking care
of self with epilepsy. 


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Groups For All Ages and Abilities

Adults Living With Epilepsy

Everyone's journey through living with epilepsy is unique. As an adult, some have grown up their entire lives with epilepsy, others are newly diagnosed. Our goal for Adult groups is to bring people together who can develop relationships and learn from one another. Because each experience someone has living with epilepsy is an opportunity for others to learn and grow.

Epilepsy Foundation New England offers Adult groups for varying age ranges because we know a 25-year-old living with epilepsy will have a completely different set of needs from a 55-year-old. We offer a 55+, Young Adult, Cooking, Pregnancy, and social groups.

We have a place for everybody, offering opportunities to participate in our Mane Event Adult Social Hour to learning life skills through basic cooking with support.

The approximate age range for most groups: 30+

If you are an adult living with epilepsy, please contact us to find a group for you.

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Parents, Caretakers, and Siblings of Those Living With Epilepsy

Each person living with epilepsy is unique. No situation is the same, but all can agree on one thing: They want the absolute best for their loved ones. Our groups for parents, caretakers, and siblings of those living with epilepsy are designed to support and educate for the improvement of their lives.

Whether you are a parent, nurse, neighbor, spouse of a loved one, or super sibling, you pave the road on an important journey and are recognized as heroes in this community.

Please contact us to find a group for you.

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YLN Group

The YLN (Young Leaders Network) is a program designed to empower youth in the epilepsy world to take action to better the community. Groups are offered regularly to develop new projects for our Young Leaders, meet others, develop friendships, and have fun.

YLN Groups range in age from 14-22 and 23-35.

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Children Living with Epilepsy

Kid's Connect (ages 7-13)

A group for children living with epilepsy and their siblings. Our motto is "Where a kid can be a kid" because we introduce children to others living with epilepsy. Nobody is different and everyone can focus on being a child. Kids Connect groups are designed to be a fun and safe group for varying ages of children and their siblings.

Lions Cub Club (Ages 4-7)

A group for pre-school and elementary-aged children. Experience engaging stories and fun sensory activities!

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Cubbies (Ages 3 and Under)

A group designed for much younger children. Experience engaging stories and fun sensory activities!

If you have children living with epilepsy, please contact us to find a group to meet your child's needs.

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Kids Connect Groups

All Together Now

Anybody, any age, is welcome to connect with our patients with multiple comorbidities.  Activities that target sensory systems and can incorporate adaptive devices like eye gazers, standers, and wheelchairs.  Siblings are encouraged to join and enjoy helping too!