Hope The Lion

Hope The Lion

Hope reminds everyone that where there is a person living with epilepsy, there is Hope. Lions represent courage, strength, and pride. Through Hope’s positive message of resilience, we are flipping the script on epilepsy.

When you’re friends with Hope on Facebook, you will get daily challenges and activities. On Mindful Mondays, Hope might ask you to strike a yoga pose and post it to social media with #whereishope. Or send your picture to Hope at hopeefne@epilepsynewengland.org. Hope will send you email reminders of daily and weekly challenges.

Hope isn’t just for kids! Epilepsy Foundation New England has designed Hope to relate to people of all ages and genders. If you’ve received a Hope the Lion coloring book or cut-out, take a picture with Hope and show the world #whereishope. It’s time to show people what epilepsy really looks like, and separate fact vs. fiction.

Join us in our mission to bring awareness and spread Hope today!

Find Hope on Instagram, Tik Tik by searching hopefne, and Snapchat by adding Hope Lion Campaign! 

Coloring Hope

Children with chronic conditions often feel scared and alone, especially during medical testing. The Hope Coloring and Activity book shares messages of resilience, strength-building, and hope. Focused not on disorder, symptoms, or medical management, the Coloring and Activity Book supports children’s socio-emotional health and provides fun activities to pass the time during long medical appointments or hospital stays. Download the activity book here.

Get Hope

Would you like a Hope the Lion kit? Send an email to hopeefne@epilepsynewengland.org with your name, age, address, and cell phone number. The Hope kit includes a Hope Lion cut-out, Activity Book, and seed packet. The kit is free to families living in Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island. If you would like a kit mailed to you outside this area, please visit https://www.classy.org/give/281460/#!/donation/checkout


Hope the Lion is featured in the coloring and activity book, as a full-size mascot at walks and events, and more. Coming in September: Hope the Lion plushy.

Children and families can bring Hope wherever they go and tell others #whereishope.

They will find Hope wherever our programs and services are, and we will find Hope wherever there is a child with epilepsy. Poorly

understood, epilepsy is in the dark ages of awareness. Hope will change that.

Spotting Hope

When you take a picture of #whereishope, we may feature your picture here. Stay tuned!


Plant Hope 

Your Hope the Lion kit comes with a seed packet. Whether you plant our seeds or your home, we can’t wait to see where you Plant Hope.

Support Hope

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