Strategic Plan 2021

Visualizing Success

In the spring of 2016, Epilepsy Foundation New England’s (Epilepsy Foundation New England) Board of Directors adopted a strategic plan that called for organizational transformation. By summer 2017, the plan’s program, staffing, and resource goals were accomplished, almost three years ahead of schedule.

Major strategic growth included new executive leadership, refined and expanded programs and services, growth in fundraising and business development, revitalization of the Professional Advisory Board, and rethinking and implementation of the foundation’s work across New England.

Every major system in the organization has been reviewed and updated, including service delivery, human resources, business operations, financial management, development and fundraising, governance, and communications and marketing.

As a result, the Board convened a strategic planning process in July 2017, which resulted in Plan 2020.

The three-year Plan 2020 aims are:

  • Epilepsy Foundation New England is a model nonprofit organization and is a model epilepsy-serving organization. We are a leader in making progress to advance practical solutions for people living with the challenges of epilepsy, and we do so through a top quality staff, a robust volunteer program, sound day-to-day financial management, growing an endowment, diversified revenue streams, and our network of collaborators and supporters, including our Donation Center.
  • Epilepsy Foundation New England provides accessible, helpful services for people living with epilepsy that make a measurable impact in all four states we serve.
  • Epilepsy Foundation New England’s effective marketing and communications efforts achieve growing awareness and understanding, acceptance, and support for epilepsy in New England, including Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP); Epilepsy Foundation New England is known as a resource by the epilepsy community, including providers.
  • Epilepsy Foundation New England is a leader in advancing support for research into epilepsy, especially in terms of fundraising for research.

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