UCB Pharma

UCB Pharma, March 2019


Epilepsy Foundation New England is pleased to recognize a special group of people as volunteers for the month of March. The team from UCB Pharma has generously supported our programs for many years - both through corporate sponsorship and through volunteerism. This special group of people are committed to the well-being of those living with epilepsy and demonstrate their commitment by spending time with our young adults at a recent retreat and attending our camps to be with our kids. They jump in to help with every task from greeting new arrivals, helping them settle in, playing a serious game of “gaga ball,” keeping our participants safe as they try new things like rock-climbing, and more. This year, UCB gave our staff the unique opportunity to learn about seizures through a virtual reality experience. Many thanks to Darren Berge, Jason Homowitz, Hugh McGlone, Sunitha Rangaraju, Jennifer Ready, John Silvia, and John Sullivan.


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