The Higgins Family

The Higgins Family, June 2019

Epilepsy Foundation New England is excited to announce our June, 2019 volunteer of the month: The Higgins Family!

The Higgins Family; Pam, Tim, Caroline and Julia joined the Epilepsy Foundation of New England Volunteer Corps in 2018 when they approached the Young Leaders Network with an idea for a powerful fundraiser and awareness campaign – Slap Out Epilepsy!  The family puts a lot of hard work into planning an organized event but what we most admire is the way they keep their eyes on the mission of keeping everybody in the family involved.  The clinic is about raising money but most importantly raising awareness and building a community of support for those affected by seizures.  Everybody in the family has a role in this event and puts in lots of work and sacrifice; not the least of which Julia’s older sister Caroline who happily sat out a weekend softball tournament per team policy after missing practice for last year’s Slap Out Fundraiser.  This compassionate clan has turned adversity into a way to grow stronger together and give back to their community, we are grateful for their involvement and friendship and are honored to name them June volunteers of the month! 

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