State Street Corporation Engineering Team

State Street Corporation Engineering Team, April 2017

Epilepsy Foundation New England (EFNE) is excited to recognize a committed volunteer engineering team from State Street Corporation as our Volunteers of the Month for April! State Street has set the gold standard for corporate team based volunteerism, and we are so grateful to them for sharing their time, and talents with us. Every State Street volunteer has exemplified professionalism, generosity, hard work, and a willingness to stay the course in the face of complex challenges. 

The State Street team has been working with us for 9 months. They have enthusiastically pitched in on a number of projects including providing strategic advice, securing space for an event, and leading our team in an effort to assess our work processes so we can better serve the epilepsy community.

Judy Bowe, EFNE’s Director of Development, remarked “It would be hard to quantify in numbers, or in verse, how much value EFNE has gained from this team and their experience.”

Telly Theodoropoulos,  a member of EFNE’s Executive Board, and Senior Vice President , Global Markets Technology at State Street said “We are all very proud of the work our State Street team has performed to solve technology issues for such a worthwhile organization. Working directly with EFNE allows us to leverage our technology skills, help EFNE provide the valuable services to our community in New England, and build long lasting friendship with Susan [Linn, President and CEO of EFNE] and her team.”

Thank you so much to Brian Costa, Jay Selvaraju, Anna Johnston, Telly Theodoropoulos, Vinayak Kumar, and Aravinda Akkammanavar for supporting EFNE in our mission of leading the fight to overcome the challenges of living with epilepsy and to accelerate therapies to stop seizures, find cures, and save lives.

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