Sahar Zafar

Sahar Zafar, June 2021

We are so excited to announce that Dr. Sahar Zafar is the volunteer of the month at the Epilepsy Foundation of New England! Dr. Zafar is a Critical Care Neurologist and Neurophysiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital. Along with that, she is a dedicated volunteer for the foundation, using her free time to run the monthly MGH Share group. She is invested and dedicated to this group despite the curveballs that may be thrown such as a pandemic, working from home, and having two young children to look after. Running a group via Zoom seems as though it would be a difficult way to connect with participants, but Dr. Zafar has made it seem effortless. She is patient and knowledgeable to the participants of the group anytime they have a question, and everybody leaves the group feeling hopeful and educated.  She has made an incredible bond with members of the foundation, despite them being her patient or not, and we are so grateful for her giving her time into the foundation, and giving back to the Epilepsy Community; this group could not be successful without her involvement, and her generosity is seemingly endless. Thank you so much, Dr. Zafar!





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