Lexi Moore

Lexi Moore, April 2020

A picture is worth 1,000 words.  While searching for a picture of April’s Volunteer of the Month, Lexi Moore, we found image after image of her leading virtual cooking programs for the Young Leaders Network.  Lexi has been leading zoom meetings where our Network cracks eggs, measures flour, bakes, and definitely tastes their final product together, separately. For 1+ hour with Lexi, we forget we are in front of a computer.  We are in a crowded and chaotic kitchen learning how to cook. It’s great to see what Lexi has inspired.  Social media posts show kids, adults, and families cooking and trying new recipes together every week.  Marissa made meatballs.  Jordan made scones.  Lawton is cooking omelets and exploring the bbq.  And more.

Despite navigating college during the pandemic, continuing to work, and managing her own epilepsy, Lexi makes it a priority to volunteer with the Young Leaders Network weekly.  Lexi has been an advocate with the Epilepsy Foundation’s Teens Speak Up program in Washington DC on behalf of her home state of NH. She continued to participate with our teen programs when she went to Johnson and Wales in RI. 

Emerging leaders like Lexi who give their time teach not only lasting skills but make a lasting impression and provide support – embodying the true spirit of our Young Leaders Network. Thank you Lexi.    

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