Heart Group at Eagle Investment Systems

Heart Group at Eagle Investment Systems, May 2018

Epilepsy Foundation New England is pleased to recognize the Heart Group at Eagle Investment Systems as our Volunteers of the Month for May. This group represents the very best in philanthropic philosophy and participation and EFNE is grateful to be the beneficiaries of their work on our behalf and proud to recognize them for their clothing drives over the past three years.

We extend special thanks to Eagle Investment Systems and its philanthropic team known as The HEART Group for hosting its third annual clothing drive to benefit Epilepsy Foundation New England.

On May 16, 2018, HEART Group hosted the clothing drive at the Wellesley location with donations from their Connecticut office too.

The clothing drive brought in over 70 donations. BNY will provide a matching gift of $2.50 for each piece of clothing AND the clothing donations were sent to SAVERS so the Foundation benefits in two ways!

A special thanks to Jane Deedy, Claudia Ramos, Marc Firenze and Allon Rai for their leadership, a great group of volunteers from Eagle including: Rob Page, Kathy Langley, Jaime Halligan, Jalen Cullen, Tony Bonaccordo, Jeff Pacheco and Julie Butler and all of the Eagle Employees in both Wellesley and Connecticut for their clothing donations.

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