Chris Donovan

Chris Donovan, April 2018

We are happy to announce that Chris Donovan has been selected as our Volunteer of the Month for April!

Chris serves as a volunteer member on the EFNE New Hampshire Council. He plays an integral role in each board meeting, by creating solutions for folks with epilepsy and their family members, along with event planning.

Chris brings his sense of high spirit and fun to the epilepsy events he has volunteered for in New Hampshire. He is exuberant and great at getting people motivated to participate whether it is a walk, dinner or committee meeting.  “Chris Donovan is a dynamic human being. His kinetic personality makes volunteering and cultivating friendships innate.   During the day he wears suits with ties. During fundraising events, he will wear a turkey costume for the event flair with great pride!   Nothing is too big for Chris. I believe, when not looking, he leaps tall buildings in a single bound!” -  Kristen Krauss, friend and fellow EFNE supporter.

Chis states that he is passionate about finding effective treatments for epilepsy, particularly the rare forms of epilepsy such as Doose and Tuberous Sclerosis which can be severely disabling.

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