Carol and Doug Reynolds

Carol and Doug Reynolds, February 2017

We’re excited to kick off 2017 by featuring two of our most devoted long-time volunteers, Carol and Doug Reynolds. Carol and Doug have been volunteering with EFNE for over 10 years.

You may not know Carol or Doug, but if you’ve attended our annual Candlelight Dinner you’ve seen them hard at work behind the registration desk. Upon arriving at the event, each attendee is welcomed by Carol, Doug, or a friend or family member they’ve recruited to help out. According to Judy Bowe, EFNE’s Director of Development, “Many guests have commented that the dinner would not be same without their presence.”

Carol and Doug’s efforts aren’t limited to the evening of the dinner. In the weeks and months leading up to the event, they devote hundreds of hours to recruiting volunteers and managing logistics. They’re thoughtful, and detailed, and we couldn’t ask for a better duo to handle the job.

Susan Linn, President and CEO, says, “Carol and Doug’s generous gifts of time, energy, and skill translate into tens of thousands of dollars of camp, scholarship, financial assistance, support groups, and other programs we provide. In addition to their friendship with EFNE, their magnanimous spirit is inspirational, and I’m honored they have become part of the EFNE family.”

Judy echoed Susan’s sentiments, saying “Carol and Doug are consummate professionals whose expertise, dedication and hard work have been invaluable to the success of EFNE’s annual dinners for over a decade.”

We are all inspired by, and grateful to, Carol and Doug for their years of committed service to our foundation and the clients we serve. Thank you, Carol and Doug, for all of your hard work!

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