Brett Downing


Brett Downing


Brett Downing is the Northeast Epilepsy Medical Science Liaison for Biocodex.  Brett attended Worcester Polytechnic Institute’s Biomedical Engineering program with focus on Biomechanical, Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering.  While there, Brett used biomimetic design strategies to fabricate materials that emulate native tissues to promote regeneration of damaged organs.  His collaborative research led to numerous publications, peer-reviewed abstracts and presentations.  After completing his graduate degree 12 years ago at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Brett entered the pharmaceutical industry, where he has worked extensively in the Neuroscience field. This has included epilepsy, movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease, neurogenic orthostatic hypotension), migraine, sleep, and psychiatry (schizophrenia, bipolar disease).  Throughout his career, Brett has worked with both patients and caregivers for patients with epilepsy.  This has sparked his passion to continue to support the advancement of medical treatment of epilepsy.  

Currently he resides in Sturbridge, MA with his wife, four children and dog.  As a family, they enjoy outdoor activities and especially watching the Patriots win games.

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