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People living with epilepsy face unique challenges when it comes to finding and maintaining stable and fulfilling careers. Our Career Navigator helps connect individuals living with seizures with job opportunities to make it easier to live and work independently.

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For People Living with Epilepsy

Our mission is to give individuals living with epilepsy the tools and resources they need to find the right careers to match their needs and lifestyles. Through our Career Navigator, people with epilepsy can prepare for a career with the following resources:

  • Vocational Evaluation – interview, assessment of skills, and evaluation of work history and career goals
  • Individual Job Placement – resume and cover letter assistance, job leads and referrals, interview skills
  • Job Retention – employee assistance and job coaching
  • Disclosure, Accommodations, ADA – advice and counsel on your rights, seizure action plans
  • Access to Employer Partners – including Iron Mountain (large, international data and information security corporation)

For Employers

Making sure employers stay connected to high-quality potential employees - especially those living with epilepsy - is critical to helping keep those with epilepsy in the workforce and contributing in meaningful ways. Employers can utilize our Career Navigator to access the following resources:

  • On-the-Job – assistance with employee performance and/or accommodation requests
  • Education – Epilepsy 101 training, seizure action plans, reasonable accommodations

Our Support Network

Epilepsy Foundation New England's Career Navigator is guided and supported by a committed group of community leaders, called the CAREER NAVIGATOR Advisory Council.

This mission is supported by a Career Navigator Advisory Council who are committed to building a program that equalizes access to gratifying and financially sustaining jobs through innovation in assessments, coaching, training and support, focused specifically on the needs of individuals living and working with Epilepsy. Advisory Council members include:

  • Amanda Rich, CNA
  • Steve Austin, VP, Media Relations, Fidelity
  • Kristianne Widman, Employer Liaison, North Suburban Employment Collaborative
  • Rich Mcllveen, VP, Corporate Investigations, Iron Mountain
  • Kimberly Wilmett, Ph.D, Neuropsychologist, Brigham and Women's Hospital
  • Marie Hennessy, Community Outreach and Support Liaison, Epilepsy Foundation New England

Epilepsy Foundation New England's Career Navigator Program awarded Cummings Foundation $100K for 100 Grant!

In 2017, Epilepsy Foundation New England received a grant of $100,000 through Cummings Foundation's "$100K for 100" program.

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