Audrey Kadis

Audrey Kadis

Vice Chair

Audrey Kadis is a consultant and volunteer for several nonprofit organizations, including parenting programs in Cambridge and Haifa, Israel. A graduate of both MIT and Harvard Business School, she was in the vanguard of women who sought advanced educational opportunities in technology and business in the 70’s, a transformative time for women in the workplace in the US. Audrey has made deep commitments to family, volunteerism, philanthropy, and business, epitomizing the power of women in leadership roles to facilitate change, and improve people’s lives.

She is and has always been motivated by the concept of Tikkun Olam, believing that we all share the responsibility to act for social justice and to make the world a better place.

Audrey and her husband, Jack, are advocates and supporters of EFNE in honor of their two adult children, Joshua and Jessica, who have epilepsy. In 2012, Audrey began working with EFNE and was elected to the Board of Directors in 2015; she serves as Treasurer.

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