Andrea Anderson

Andrea Anderson

Marinus Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Andrea Anderson is currently a Senior Medical Science Liaison for Marinus Pharmaceuticals.  Marinus is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to developing treatments in rare epilepsies and CNS disorders, satisfying unmet medical needs, and contributing to the health and well-being of people worldwide.  Andrea is part of the Medical Affairs Department. She provides educational, research, and scientific support to healthcare providers across New England, New York, and New Jersey regarding ganaxolone and the rare epilepsies in which it is being studied. 

Andrea received her Doctor of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan. Following two Post-graduate Residencies she began her career at Tufts as Director of Drug Information Services.  She then joined the Pharmaceutical Industry and has held several positions within several companies, only recently finding a position in the field of Epilepsy.

Andrea has a niece with epilepsy and believes that the educational efforts of the Foundation will improve public awareness of the different seizure types and what to do in the event a seizure is witnessed. This will aid in reducing the stigma associated with seizures and improve the lives of those with epilepsy and those who take care of them.

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